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Helping ordinary schools, organizations and leaders become extraordinary

Education Redefined

Serving Leaders, Schools, Municipalities, Organizations and Capital Finance Companies


  • Strategic Marketing Plans to Drive Enrollment


    Facilities Selection, Construction, and Financing

  • Leadership Development and Coaching

  •  Governing Board Policies and Effectiveness

  • Staff Recruitment and Retention

  • Academic Strategies & Implementation

  • Operational Strategies & Implementation

Charter School Developers and Capital Finance Companies

Municipalities & Organizations
  •  Leadership Development and Coaching

  • Developing a highly effective employee culture

  • Staff Recruitment and Retention

  • Operational Strategies & Implementation

  • “Personality Lingo” communication training

  • Staff Development

  • Organizational Assessments


  • School Risk Assessment for Developers and Capital Finance Companies

  •  Financial Adviser to Represent Charter School Facilities Selection, Construction, and Financing

  •  Turnaround Support for Struggling Schools

  • Strategic Marketing Plans to assist schools with declining Enrollment



Education Redefined has over three decades of experience in developing, leading, and managing successful charter schools, non-profit organizations, and for-profit businesses. Because of the unique background of our team, we provide a multi-dimensional view of your organization. While our competitors may be experts in one industry, we bring a fresh perspective and best practices from all types of industries that can set you apart.


Our mission is to help leaders and organizations become extraordinary and understand what it takes to lead and grow successful organizations. We work with you by reviewing data to identify specific needs and provide experts in that area who can solve them at a fair price

Qualified Personality Lingo


P.O. Box 1371

Surprise, AZ 85378


Tel: 602-329-5234

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